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Diamond Card in the Portal!

A DIAMOND VPC retails for 500 euros.

You can use a purchased Diamond Card to purchase 500 euros of merchandise from a participating marketeer anywhere in the world. They should accept payment in compuceeds and should have a cryptoceed account at , which will make payment and transmission of that payment very easy for you. This also makes this transaction feeless, since there are no ewallet fees for use of this ecurrency. How many ecurrencies do you know that are willing to do that?

You can also follow the following steps and increase the value of your Diamond Card. Go the the portal, click on the Dashboard link, and produce one Diamond Card for 300 euros, one Ruby Cards for 60 euros, one Gold card for 30 euros, and one Silver Card for 6 euros. These will be placed in the system and sold for you. Once a 500 euro Diamond Card is sold, between your principal and earnings you will receive a total of 400 – a definite increase in value!  A 100 euro Ruby Card will yield you your principle + 20 Euros; A 50 euro Gold Card will yield your principle + 10 euro profit; and a Silver Card will yield you your principal and 2 euros profit.  If you continue to do this with your account balance, your value will increase over and over again!

20% of each retail sale goes into your earnings! Guess what happens with this? At the end of the month, your earnings up to 5000 is withdrawn and goes into the payment system to be sent to you by the 21st of the following month! Yes that right! That is fiat cash that you get paid!

Using the portal, you can make money easily, and all it takes is the initial investment of purchasing a Virtual Prepaid Card from a Compumatrix Virtual Prepaid Card Dealer. May I introduce you to one? Hello, my username is dasands and I am a virtual prepaid card dealer. Contact me at and I will me more than happy to sell you a Diamond (500 euros), Ruby (100 euros), Gold (50 euros) , or Silver (10 euros) VPC so you can get started. It would be best if you started out with a Ruby or Diamond Card. I will accept ACH, Wire, or Paypal!

Come on and join us! Sign up at and at, and contact me at to make that essential first VPC purchase. Hopefully you will purchase at least a Ruby or Diamond VPC!


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