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Online Business Review- Are You Failing to Plan


“…if it were really that easy, everyone would be doing it!”

Success eludes the multitudes of people because the demand for it is not as great as one would think. Doesn’t that seem like a contradiction in natural thought? You might think so but if that was the case do you not think success would be abundant?

I remember looking around the Hotel room seeing about 1,500 people. The speaker was telling us we could be successful and be the next one up here on this stage. I knew it was true (at least for 95%- 99% of the audience). Why would I say that if I were sitting in that audience with the desire to acquire that success for myself as well? Maybe it was a tape I had listened to asking me to be realistic. On the tape, it mentioned: … if there was a profit of $100,000 and 1,000 distributors, how would the company distribute the profit? The company would give about $95,000 of the profit to one person so that person could boast about the company and show others what they could all be making!

Eventually, I walked away from that business as a SUCCESS! I claim my success because I WALKED AWAY!

This is not sufficient a plan for success with your online business. What will it take? What is in your plan for your online business?


For the first time, I wrote out my Goals for the Year. Unless you do the same work over and over, year in and year out, you can never write out Goals exactly as they will fall into place. So you might as well just do it!

For me, it was always an ordeal that I would rather not do. When I finally did it, I realized: “That wasn’t so bad!”

Since I don’t do the same thing year after year, my goals did not fall into place. So, it meant doing adjustments as the year rolled on. If you don’t reach a certain goal, you have a few options. First, analyze the goal and see if it was (is) something that is still valid. If it is, then you either need to reset the goal or adjust it to reflect your desired outcome. If it doesn’t fit into your overall “scheme of things”, then it might be better tossed aside.

In the article COMPUCEEDS, My Online Business Product, I made the following comment:
When it comes to E-Commerce, name everything (in your head) that you can think of as it relates to your ability to earn an income online while conducting your online business.

This is just the start! If you haven’t started making your plans for your online business, START THERE!





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