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An awesome way to encourage the universe to dance abundance into our lives is to dream! And while we’re dreaming, let’s dream big!

The universe just wants us to play! If we get excited about playing, it will gladly give us the money to go, do and be! It wants to see what kind of adventures we will choose.

So go ahead and dream! What would you love to do? Where would you love to go? What would you like to create?

Use the Internet to explore and fuel your imagination. And then, let it run wild! The whole point is to get your excited, fun-loving juices flowing! It is those very juices that tell the universe ‘this one would be exciting to invest in! It’ll be such fun to see what he/she will do!’

The point isn’t to wait for a specific ‘thing’ to manifest. The point is to gain access to the higher vibrations that will let you access the opportunities that feel better to your body.  You aren’t really looking for those specific things, anyway. You want to feel the way you think those things will make you feel.

You can feel that way, right now! Your body doesn’t see any difference between getting excited about the dreams you are having, and actually having those dreams come true!

And the more time you spend in that excited, delighted space, the more familiar your system gets with that energy. And then, it begins to rewrite your DNA, and your experiences begin to match that higher vibrational energy.

You will literally be catapulting yourself into the Heaven on Earth that is already here!

This blog was inspired by my teacher, Matt Kahn. You can find out more about his teachings at

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