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Does Your Online Business Have Fuel Efficiency


When speaking of online businesses, one does not often refer to the venture in terms of Fuel Efficiency. This may seem so very unrelated but….

My husband is full of “non” essential facts! He claims he got a lot of his information from some friend of his he use to work with. One of those facts was about fuel efficiency. As his friend explained it: “There was a contest for fuel efficiency. The winner of the contest was a FULLY LOADED 10 WHEEL DUMP TRUCK! “

Another one of his friend’s “nonessential” facts was this: “to compare the strength of an ant, it would be comparable to a human picking up a dump truck with his teeth and carrying it!”

Now, do you believe me when I say these are “nonessential” facts. After all, who would ever need this information? (maybe a manufacturing company trying to manufacture robots that can carry dump trucks, right?)


I’m on a roll and you are going to get something you didn’t pay for! (nor desire for what it’s worth!)

When it comes to running your online business, you have to have the means to regulate your efficiency. Without this in mind, when your business takes off, your accounting (or Financial efficiency) may be left behind! (Now, you see how I’m going to tie this together!)

Are you one of those Business people that wait until the end of the year to gather all your receipts to file your taxes for your business? If you are, CHANGE YOUR HABITS or keep your business small. The more growth you have with your business, the more up to date you will want your accounting to be!

Your Finances are the Fuel for your online business.

In another article (If Your Money Sleeps, You Lose), I had this information:
So, it leave one option open that will allow you to turn a little money into an ongoing source of income. This is the premise of Residual Income.

Not only do you need to track your financial trail but you also have to keep it working for you.





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