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Why I STOPPED Blogging


I thought that title would catch your attention. Henry posted an E-book (How to Make Money Blogging) (found in the Compumatrix Forum) and this really got me thinking. I thought using the above title might get your attention for those of you that know me.

You see, I have a time planned that I WILL STOP BLOGGING! You also know that I love to Blog. So, why will I stop? Before I get into that, my purpose is to write this to let you know I EXPECT YOU TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE!

As I see more and more of you “stepping up”, I realize my departure will not leave a void. This is one of the reasons I continued to write. Last year, I paid my son to write and between us, we published 100’s of blogs. When I was reading the E-Book above this evening, I thought for a moment, “how many blog posts do I have in draft for Compumatrix in my personal blog site?” I went over, logged in and checked. I only have about 25-30 left over there. (I don’t even consider those because I wrote them from one year to 1 1/2 years ago.)


When the time comes (and enough of your posts are ready to replace mine), it will be time for me to move into another promotion(s) for Compumatrix.

For those of you that are not sure, go ahead and pinch yourself, this is NOT a Dream! (Maybe a dream come true) THIS IS REAL!

Up to now, my blogging has been my contribution to COMPUMATRIX.

When it is time for me to hit the switch, I will avail myself of ALL OF WHAT COMPUMATRIX HAS TO OFFER.

I have BIG PLANS and they have everything to do with what we will have available here at Compumatrix.

If you have paid attention to what I have done recently with my blogs, I have been working on a series called: ONLINE BUSINESS REVIEW. In this series, I have been inputting some aspect of the business to focus on. The main aspect of where I was going I discreetly focused in this article: COMPUCEEDS, My Online Business Product.

In that article, I placed this information:
The first thing you might want to consider is two-fold:
1. Can I make money with this?
2. How will I get PAID?

When you read the article, you would realize that Compumatrix is the focal point of the future of online business transactions.

With this in mind, and thinking of something Henry said long ago, he wants us to have businesses that use Compumatrix as Payment Solution.

Getting back to the 2 questions above, you have to analyze any business venture with those 2 regards. A friend of mine is getting ready to launch a business and I want to purchase his software for him (with Compuceeds).


When my energies need to be reallocated in another direction, then I will STOP BLOGGING!  




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