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Is Your Chain Keeping You From Your Online Business


You have seen pictures before of someone chained to their desk. (You know these aren’t real, don’t you?) Of course you know they are not real because that would be illegal. So, does it make it legal if the ball and chain is only in the employee’s imagination?

Let me explain how this happens in a way that you have certainly heard before. A baby Elephant is bought by the traveling circus. The Elephant is fitted with a bracket on its leg with a chain. The chain is staked to the ground. The “Baby” Elephant can’t pull away from the stake. When the Elephant fully matures, it has the strength to pull away but “mentally”, it knows from experience that it can not.

The Elephant is conditioned to respect the chain although now it can over power the chain. Likewise, we have become “conditioned” to respect that imaginary chain that keeps us chained to a job that no longer meets our requirements!


Just like you feel “Chained” to your 9-5 job by this imaginary ball and chain, this same chain is holding you back from success with your online business.

You have been conditioned and trained all your life to be a factory worker or an office worker. You have been conditioned to work for someone else! Guess what! The someone else you are working for was probably conditioned the same however, they broke their chains, started a business and now you work for them!


My point is this: If they could break the chains to run their own businesses, why can’t you do the same and run your online business?

Of course, it is never that easy! Remember, those chains are imaginary. This means they are in your head and only you can free yourself from them. In another post (Does the Government Control Your Income), I wrote the following:
If you didn’t catch it in his email (then go and read it again) the author of this email has his own plans own his own business. He doesn’t plan to continue working in the “rat race” as he has bigger plans. This is something that you may consider as well. If you feel you are caught up in this rat race and you want out (or you are tired of the “merry-go-round” ), consider your personal ticket is an online business.

You would want to read the post to get the gist of what this was about but briefly, this “employee” wrote an email to his CEO asking for an across the board raise for all employees. You see, he cut the ball and chain loose and was about to move on into his own business. You bet this email made him a legacy with his fellow employees.


Remember, that Ball and Chain can be keeping you from your online business. Although it may have you “trapped” at your 9-5 it can also hold you back while you are working on your online business as well.

Your success with your online business may be dependent on skills that you did not need to develop with your 9-5. This in itself can be a limiting factor with your business IF YOU LET IT!





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