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Piloting Your Online Business


I don’t know why I thought about this today but do you see yourself as the pilot for your online business? If you took yourself (I) out of that expression, then you have the “plot” for your online business. Either way, you come out a winner!

Originally when I thought about this, I was thinking about piloting your online business as in piloting an airplane. However, as I put more thought into this, I came up with: piloting your online business as in piloting a tugboat to guide the Cruise Ship to safe harbor.

What’s the difference anyway? First, you can be in the air which may not be as crowded as a harbor. So, I chose to go with the harbor because there can be so much activity that your Tugboat Pilot has to be very alert as to the other movements around him in the harbor.

To this thought, we look at the other traffic in the harbor being similar to the other traffic on the Internet that can be distracting you from your overall goal.


Your business can be anything that you desire to sell on the Internet. However, I am going to mention something about my business that “hopefully” you can take away with you to add value to what you are already doing. (and NO, I am not asking you in a discreet way to slip into my business and sell this…)

In an article I wrote (COMPUCEEDS, My Online Business Product), I made this one little statement: I’m not trying to “sell you” my product (just a Payment Solution).

Now, we are going to look at this and how it relates to your business.

My products, Compuceeds, is a solution for any business that is engaged in moving products from seller to buyer  and (most importantly), GETTING PAID FOR THE PROCESS!

A vital part of piloting your online business is to do those things in the management of your online business to assure your ability to maintain PROFITABILITY.





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