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Searching for Ghosts Thru Your Online Business


Sometimes we have to look real hard at drawing parallels between subject matters that don’t seem to relate to each other. This will be one of those cases. (You have to wait till the end to see the connection. If I show it to you at all!)

If you noticed in the news recently, there was a discovery of a sunken World War II German U-Boat (576) and the US Bluefields (merchant ship). The German Government would like the wreckage to be left undisturbed in respect for the Dead. However, when you read the story, you realize the zest for exploration to understand the Battle that took place. The stories the GHOSTS could tell of this Historic Event that occurred 70 years ago within 30 miles of our shores.

The reason I named this SEARCHING FOR GHOSTS THRU YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS is because this is similar (drawing the parallel) to studying the Historic Event of this maritime battle thru the Ghosts trails that were left behind thru the esxploration of this battle field.


One of the aspects of online marketing that can be used to promote your business is Publishing a Blog. This can be more involves than one is ready for (or has the time for). (For more on this, see Blog Post: Why I Stopped Blogging )

There are ways around this problem of not having enough time for some of the day to day business promotions. When it comes to publishing a blog, you can use what is referred to as: Ghost Writer. This would be hiring someone else to write blog posts for you while they are putting your name on it.


This is the dangerous area and I’m not talking super-natural stuff either. What I’m referring to is when you let that “imaginary friend” posing as you run the show rather than yourself. I know this may be hard to follow but think of it this way. You join a “business opportunity” and attend effort meetings to become super-hyped up. You’ve inflated your balloon to “way over kill”. Then, the first person you run into pricks your balloon.

NOW WHAT???? What do you do when all you have sharing your business is the ghosts of those that Pumped You Up?


Don’t let another Ghost run your business (unless you are directing their actions).



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