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When I started writing, I started out as a Ghost Writer. After doing this for a short time, I found another company that I could write for where I can be published under my own name. Since this time, most of what I write is under my own name. However, I have been writing this blog under my wife’s name. The reason I opened this blog this month is because we are about to engage in a new adventure!

The purpose this blog will represent is to establish my online business. (It’s not that I’m NOT in business but this business is under the Compumatrix Flag. In the previous post (Searching for Ghosts Thru Your Online Business), I referred to the idea of the Ghost Writer. With this reference, I would like you to OPEN YOUR MINDS TO THE POSSIBLITIES!

At one point in my business, I thought I had to learn to do it all!

You can’t! You have to find what works for you and go with that. I have 2 blogs and 2 purposes (and I often mix them up). In the ccrider blog, I try to work on Compumatrix (Example: Compuceeds, My Online Business Product). With this blog, the ccriders2 blog, I try to work with online business topics in general (Example: If Your Money Sleeps, You Lose)



Besides that, when I started this particular blog, the purpose of this position has always been slotted for my online business. As stated above but explained more here. The purpose of this business will be to utilize COMPUMATRIX to the best of my ability. This membership will become an Incorporated entity. (Do you remember reading a recent blog on this subject? YES YOU DO!)

This has always been my purpose to organize my online business operations under a Corporate Entity. As soon as I have the funds to do so, this business will be operating on a different level.




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