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Earth Angels Undercover as Business Owners

Here, at Compumatrix, we are re-imagining ourselves as the owners of businesses.  Where are you in that process?  Have you considered what it is that you are passionate about? That is a good place to start.

Maybe, like me, you are passionate about writing, among other things.  Or like others I know, about doing some form of art, or healing work. ith Compumatrix, we can each find our niche, united by the interest in using Compuceeds to forward our movement.

What does that mean, really? I am just beginning to imagine what it means. For some, it may mean using the Global Inventory Exchange to create a cash flow that allows you to pursue your dreams and to share that opportunity with others you care about.  For some of us, it may mean creating or marketing a product that can then be sold on the marketplace for Compuceeds.  Others may decide to use Compuceeds in their offline business, requesting payment in that form from customers who can then avail themselves of the Compumatrix opportunity.

Whatever it is we choose, we are clearly beginning a new adventure, where life can feel very different!  As you make your choices, it is always useful to pay attention to what your body feels like as you are doing the choosing.  If you feel relaxed as you consider a choice, it is likely a choice that resonates with your heart.  If your body feels uneasy or uncertain, it may simply mean that now is not the time that decision is ready to be made.

There are many things that are going on energetically within and around us.  Some people may understand those things.  I certainly don’t.  Many others like me don’t either.  But I have learned that the best way to operate in the world, making choices, is to follow what my body suggests.

It is the barometer, so to speak, of how closely aligned a choice is with my heart.  When I feel uncertain, it simply means that there are things going on energetically that I may not understand, that mean that I need to hold off on making a choice.  I am learning to pay attention in those moments.  Those are times when my heart is trying to get my attention, letting me know that slowing down will help more than rushing into things.

Whoever we are, our hearts are our greatest ally in guiding our way.  Our hearts are where everything in the universe meets up and connects.  It is the way we get to participate in the orchestration of this dance.  It is our connection to the Divine.  It is the way we begin to feel like the Earth Angels we really are!


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