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Have you ever noticed how absolutely awesome it feels to tell someone you love them? Or, how about when you complement someone on how beautiful they are, or how well they do something?

It is natural to feel good when that happens. Whatever we say to someone else literally goes through us first. So those beautiful words of care and love we offer others are felt by our body as being about us!

Similarly, that explains why when we complain or insult others, we don’t feel so good ourselves. Our bodies feel as if we are the ones being insulted!

Don’t let this fool you into ‘trying’ to be one way or the other. Whatever way you are in this moment is exactly what this moment is calling forth from you. Who knows why? Not important. Allowing yourself to be as you are just makes sense. After all, how often have you been as you aren’t, in any given moment? Not possible!

We can argue with ourselves, be angry at ourselves, regret what has happened until, as my mother might say, the cows come home. And each of those experiences are similar to the first–they are just what happens to be happening right now. Not much we can do about it!

That is the nature of the human beast! We are what we are. And yet how is it that it can sometimes begin to occur to us, that we can say to others what we most want to hear ourselves? And when we begin to do that, everything starts to feel so much better!

When we begin to play the game of life that way, everything starts to fall into place.  We learn to be just a bit more honest about what is really going on for us, just to ourselves. And in that honesty, we realize that we aren’t so ‘bad’ after all.  We’re just human, like everyone else–making what seem like blunders here and there, along with doing truly heroic and beautiful things, too.

So, next time you think of it, tell a stranger how beautiful or amazing they are!  (We are, after all, each and all, beautiful and amazing in our own rights.)  And feel what it feels like in your body.  Even if they look at you funny, or ignore you completely, you have begun to play this game of life by a new set of rules!

Congratulations!  There is no end to how high you can fly!


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