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When I read Henry’s post on Blogging that gave us the information for the E-Book, it all hit at once. I had already written Piloting Your Online Business when I read that E-Book. Although it was written and sitting there, I THOUGHT IT WAS MORE IMPORTANT that I write and publish Why I STOPPED Blogging before my post I had in Draft.

As I said, it hit me all at once. This is a time of transition. As we transition over to our new sites, we need to transition our talents as well. (This is a double edge sword) For some of you, you had to make the transition over to our new blog. However, for me, I had already been blogging here. My transition was (is) turning the reins over to you and making a transition myself.

You will continue to see a blog or 2 (or 3 or 4) from me from time to time however, my focus will shift and I have to (and fully intend to) take full advantage of the opportunities Compumatrix has to offer.


If your imagination is vivid, you can figure this out yourself. Ok, no one really knows the limits that Henry will reach with Compumatrix.

In the blog post: Ghost Writer for ccriders2, it is well laid out where all of this is going.

Your “job” (I’m talking to our bloggers from our other site) is to step up and produce content for our Social Site. Over the years, I have published hundreds of blog posts, now it is your turn.

As “new arrivals” enter our ranks, they in turn will start producing content and sharing who we are and what we are about. As we move thru this progression, some will begin to grow other businesses off the structure that Compumatrix is providing for us. (This is where ccriders2 is at the moment.) And, this is the purpose of my wife’s business to hold that position to further the efforts of WHAT WE DO AT COMPUMATRIX.




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