The Joy of Getting Paid in Virtual Currency

I know! I know! Miley Cyrus caught your attention. But this is not about her and not even relevant to my topic about virtual currency.

But we’ve all heard it on mainstream media. I got paid in Bitcoins, Litecoins, Dogecoins, and these people are all rejoicing. You can feel the excitement resonated all throughout the web.

Not so long ago, virtual currencies existed only on massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG), until it jumped out of that virtual realm because players can virtually “acquire” items directly from other players without the need to kill their virtual representation. Players started buying virtual swords from other players. They started meeting in online groups and chatrooms and even in person just to buy it. And these virtual stuff can eliminate your opponents in one swift action: Laser swords, flaming swords, lightning swords, etc. And of course, they are buying all these in real cash.

In a not so distant galaxy, the Second Life, players are building virtual real estate and products that they also sell for Linden Dollars. But you can’t get Linden dollars unless you exchange your hard earned cash with it.

Then came the Facebook games, more virtual products to buy. And you need to pay cash to get the virtual currency to buy the exclusive and extra special virtual stuff. And everybody was thrilled to have or own that exclusive item on their virtual farm, teddy bear, or virtual tiger, or virtual pet. Sounds stupid right? The world might have gone crazy.  But it actually impacts the emotional level of people. If it makes you happy, then it has value. If it has value, then it’s worth the cash you laid out.

And so the European Central Bank and other financial institutions around the world started noticing. And they came into one conclusion: Virtual Currency as payment is legal and selling it peer-to-peer, via exchange or trading is one hell of a large market, an emerging market.

Then came Bitcoin. And you know the story, the virtual currency industry became mainstream.

You Got Paid, You own it, You have the right to sell it.

Then here comes the regulators:

If you’re selling it, we want a piece of it. Roughly 30% more or less and in cash please.

And so the story continues as several countries are adopting these digitally powered currencies and adapting to this global shift. Some countries are even creating their own virtual currencies as an official legal tender.

Imagination surely can make things happen.

Then you got paid in Compuceeds. Wow! Now what do I have to do next?

Just like any other virtual currency, Compuceeds are digital currencies. But this one’s got a twist. It doesn’t move with such volatility compared to digital currencies under exchange markets.

It’s pegged to a dollar and the value is directly proportional to other currencies traded to an actual dollar.

Exciting right? You should be twerking like Miley Cyrus or gyrate your hips and bend your knees slightly and move your hips around in a circular motion and be like Elvis Presley, if you may.

You’re not yet excited I presume?

This is what should happen after receiving payments in Compuceeds. Of course, the twerking and gyrating movements will not be part of the terms and conditions of our program. (Unless Uncle Alan insists! lol! Guess not.)

Reverberate your excitement. Wow! I got paid 200 euros sales commissions. Tell your friend, tell your next door neighbor, tell your dog. Share it. Show your portal earnings. Amazing!

Now how did you start?

Tell your story. I was scouring the web one day and bought this card worth $100. And now I’ve earned this virtual currency and it’s worth this in fiat.

Wow! Oh please, how do I get started?

Lend a helping hand. You’ll say, I’m one of their VPC Retailers. You can buy a card directly from me OR you can purchase directly from Compumatrix with your credit card, through Paypal, Bitpay, or go to the bank and fill up some forms to deposit or wire it or at Western Union. So it’s really up to you. If you choose me then I’ll give you an invoice, hand me over your payment, and I’ll hand you over the redeemable code for you to fund your account. Then I’ll guide you throughout the entire process. How you grow your portal earnings, buy cards, find leads, sell offline or online and all those gibberish.

And that is the beginning of their own journey on this Compumatrix Business Opportunity.

Of course, the entire process is duplicated, replicated and spread like wildfire. More viral than any one twerking. And we will grow to reach critical mass that will eventually attract mainstream media, which gives us more advertisers, merchants and developers that will propel us forward to the next stage. But that will be on another story.

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