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Creating the Gold in Your Golden Years


I was reading “yet” another article about where to retire to get the most of your retirement income. I was thinking as I read that this is a very good article. Then I realized they are missing the WHOLE ISSUE!

Well, what is that issue exactly? Before I get into that, I want you to Ponder this question. What does your retirement years look like to you? Has that image been scaled back from the original image you may have had 10 years ago? How about 30 or 40 years ago? Is it the same image?

I know a lot of people that waited for their “Golden Years” only to being too bored at home so they picked up a “Part-time” job.


Getting back to the point of the issue I want to address, WHERE’S THE GOLD?

No one really wants to talk about the problem!

Here are 3 aspects of the problem:
1. The need to make more money
2. The need to use less debt
3. Knowing the difference between good debt and bad debt

The first part is easy: Make Money from home! This is a really simple solution but you have to develop the mindset that will be necessary. One way you can work on getting that mindset is reading blogs like this and you can find them at Compumatrix.

The second part is using less debt. STOP TRYING TO KEEP UP WITH THE JONESES! You may have to use debt to purchase your home or your (first) car but make that the limit. Get this debt paid off as soon as you can.

The third part is knowing the difference between “good” debt and bad debt. Robert Kiyosaki does a great job teaching this and I will refer you in his direction. Basically, his idea of “good debt” is when you use debt to purchase an asset. (An asset is something that pays you money.) (This is why your house is NOT an asset!)

So, how do you create the Gold?

The short answer is for you to own your own online business.

The slightly longer answer is to read the following blog post: Compuceeds, My Online Business Product.





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