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Is Your Education Complete to Run Your Online Business


Do your remember in High School when you could not wait until you were finished with your High School Education? How about when you were in College and you just wanted to be finished with this College Education? How about when you were going thru training for your job? Guess what, the Education saga continues!

Education is FOREVER! You will learn something everyday until the day you die! You say you didn’t learn anything new today? You are getting closer to those around you paying their last respects.

Now you decided to venture out and earn an income online. Have you ever been sucked into: just pay $25 now and you will be making more money than you ever imagined! We have all been sucked into that one either on the Internet or off. If you continue doing those, guess what- you haven’t learned your lesson for the day (or century for that matter).


I like this as an example because it is so vivid for everyone to understand. The other reason I like it is because you just might NEED brain surgery if you think you are going to run an ONLINE BUSINESS without getting educated.

I know of a marketer that once stated: Most of those people selling you courses on how to make money…. are making all their money from selling the course (not from actually selling others products).

This is true of a lot of people that call themselves “gurus”. You have to be very careful and selective regarding who you are going to listen to. One word of advice would be to seek advice from those people that have actually used their methods to market other products themselves.


Doesn’t this say it all? There is no way your education will be complete so you better get going. Who you listen to is totally up to you. We are on several marketers mailing lists. We want to stay on top of what is in the marketing news today, tomorrow and yesterday. (Yes, I said yesterday! Old methods are still working today as well.)

We have a lot of stock in Content Marketing here at Compumatrix. If I were looking into someone that is promoting techniques in writing blogs (for example), I might want to see what they have done in the past. Other than Google, you might want to go to Ezine Articles and search authors to see if they are published there. Anyone that is selling you courses on how to make money with blogs or articles would be published there. (If not, would you want to buy their course?)

When you think your education is complete, don’t be too premature. It just might be time to check out!




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