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What a relief!

I have been feeling so heavy and overwhelmed lately. These blogs have really felt like a way for me to bring my own guidance for myself forward more fully. So much of the time, what we are saying to the world is truly meant only meant for us to hear. If someone else hears and finds a part that resonates for them, beautiful. But it feels like I am the one I am writing to–I am the one that needs most to hear what I say and write.

This morning, I have been being with the tough things. The fears that say ‘even though it seems like we are going to get paid soon, I don’t really believe that will happen’. The old paradigm would condemn me for those thoughts, those fears. The new paradigm that we step into more fully each breath we take, without even ‘meaning’ to, is gentler, more loving.

The new paradigm tells me I am feeling and thinking exactly what I am meant to be feeling and thinking, and even doing, saying and writing, right now. No matter what that may be! It proclaims my innocence, and the innocence of every other being on earth, radical though that may seem. No one need agree. I need not explain or qualify or define.

With every thought I think, every feeling I experience, every action I take, every word I speak or write, I am transmuting the old experiences of the collective unconscious on this planet, for the wellbeing of all, just by experiencing what I do. The same is true for all beings, everywhere upon the planet, no matter what their beliefs or experiences. We are healing the old ideas, allowing new ones to enter into the playing field.

What a relief! Just by being me, the very way I show up in each moment, I am being of service to the whole, as are we all! We can’t possibly help it! Even if we don’t believe in this ‘garbage’, it doesn’t make it any less true. And those who seem to be experiencing the darkest of the dark experiences, are only here to transmute those very old experiences through their own lives, for the wellbeing of all. What a gift they offer us! It changes how we/I look at everything that happens!

I seem to be someone who has been following rules for a very long time. One of the rules I imagined to follow was never to say out loud what I am trying to learn for myself. I felt I shouldn’t tell others what I believed, thinking that that somehow undermines what they believe.

So, I hereby release myself from that rule, with this blog. If you resonate with these messages, take what you will from them. If they do not feel good to you, honor your experience and walk away!

I love you!


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