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Patient People Are Destined To Be Successful

In the early 1970s, Walter Mischel, a professor at Stanford University, published a study that has been named Marshmallow experiment.

Very briefly, the conclusion from the research is that people who possess a lot of patience also becomes more successful, have better health and are more successful in many other areas of life. But if you do not have much patience, how do you obtain it?

I could give lots of examples for when my lack of patience has made my situation worse – when I could have been much more successful had I only practiced some patience!

It’s easy to find excuses for why things don’t turn out the way we want, and it’s always somebody else’s fault!

When talking to Americans I often hear “Great!” – “Fantastic!” or other positive expressions and they make jokes of disturbing experiences…

While for example in my own country people describe their experiences as “incredibly difficult”, “hard” or “horrible”, and talk with envy about successful people, and hinting that they may have gotten their riches in unethical ways. The famous “Law of Jante”.

Do we as human beings really see things and situations that differently?

Probably not, but when some expects instant gratification – others have patience to let things work out until they get what they expect.

Let’s take this current situation where many of us are awaiting our first payout. I hear all kinds of opinions. We will never get anything out; we have already waited so many years; why can’t they do one thing at the time; why were we promised this and that; management has done an incredible job; thank you for a job well done, thank you for giving me hope etc.. And everything in between.

Every time we are given a positive update the comments are airing hope and positivism. But then a week passes and comments are starting to get sour again. And soon enough I get emails again saying “again it didn’t happen”

So what went wrong? Probably our lack of Patience!

We prioritized a quick but small reward instead of a considerably slower but greater reward (every rule ironed out, and nothing stopping future rewards).

Habits – good and bad – are built up by repeating something so many times that it finally becomes automatic. Obtaining good habits takes time and requires patience.
If we get back to the payout situation – we could force our minds to become more business-oriented and less dependent on others doings:

1. Start learning something every day! Don’t try to grasp everything at once. You will only become confused, and that will not give positive thoughts. – one (1) days education on what digital currency is, try to really see how large amounts of funds are moved every day in the internet world, and how the use of coins and notes are shifted out everywhere in favor of digital transactions! I bet every one of you is able to read at least ONE article a day.

2. Don’t force it. If you didn’t understand your first article fully it’s not the end of the world. Google digital currency and you may find other articles on the subject that are easier to understand. We are all different and some may understand it without much reading, while some of us will need to read about it several times until we get the full understanding. But what’s important is – you are now starting to establish a habit! And a good one too.

3. Focus on the learning process, and note every progress. It’s more important that you learn something, than that you learn everything! Slowly learning will also get you to your goal, and make your success continue, while if you rush over things you may get stuck again and have to start over on your plans.

4. When you feel confident, you are on the right path. So if you stumble on something difficult on your way to success, don’t give up – but go back to where you felt confident and continue from there. Again – it’s the process of obtaining patience that is important – more than (the time it takes) to reach the goal.

5. Remember to feed your mind with positive images of your goal – if you learn and plan – the goal will reward you with continued success! If you continue to feed your mind with positive thoughts, even when things seem slow, you will start being more and more patient. You are getting nearer your goal without actually thinking about it. You’ve trained yourself to a key success factor – patience.

This method can be used for almost any purpose in your life where you need a change:

Do you have poor dietary habits? Then start eating at least one healthy meal a day and increase slowly.

Do you have a messy workplace? Sort and throw a few papers day by day and your workplace will become tidy after a while.

Do you find it hard to believe in your ability to run an online business? Start giving yourself feedback. Make notes of successful actions, sort out bad actions, and give yourself small rewards on your way to a successful future!

Remember: Rome wasn’t built in one day – but every day a building block was put onto another building block, one at a time. Every single stone was not that fancy, but the end result got pretty impressive don’t you think?

So when are you going to start putting together your first building blocks?


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