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Is Your Online Business a Waste of Time


When you are learning and storing what you learned, this is not a waste of time. If this were a waste of time and I could get all the time back I wasted over the years, I would have so much time that I wasted in school learning facts that I would never need (ever for the rest of my life).

Most of my time right now on my computer is research. I am researching what information is out there that I can use building my online business. There are things that are so valuable, it is worth the wait. (More on this later.)


When I was first introduced to the Internet, I was told about all these places you can advertise for free. Guess what! You got it. Anyone that was aware of these “places” were also selling and not buyers!

In this fast moving business world, what are you doing right now for your online business? You might be simply reading this blog hopefully finding a thread between your business and another promotional idea! (I’m not trying to sell you one but hopefully, you will find a “thought process that leads you to the right connection”.

I read things related to online marketing to traditional business marketing to see if I can find these threads for myself. I often have a thought from reading something or hearing something mentioned that spurs a certain thought. I was thinking about another marketer the other day and I wanted to find something else about him so I searched for his work in another publication.


Remember this: There are things that are so valuable, it is worth the wait. (More on this later.)

I have been waiting for several situations to fall into place. I feel I have been as patient as I could under the circumstances however, I do not like idle time. While waiting, I have been busy with research. Thankful of this wait, I will save valuable money because I have found some of the directions I would have been heading would have fully wasted my money.

This is one of the biggest dilemmas of this industry. It is inexpensive enough that anyone can join. With this said, I have met many people that have no business in this business. I remember one marketer’s comment: “they should charge $25,000 for this product. It’s worth it and those buying it would take it seriously!”




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