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The weather outside was frightful… so I was walking in the Mall. As I was making my rounds and watching the time before it was time to go to pick up kids from school, I noticed a sign in the window of the store. The sign was very simple and said: Imagine What’s In This Store.

As I was passing, I mused to myself it must be a poor sight to see as they were doing construction at the time and the window was covered so you could not see the progress nor the products that were going to be sold at that location.

Then, I started to think: This is nothing, can they even IMAGINE WHAT’S IN MY STORE!


In another post (My Online Business, Worth the Wait), I made the following statement:
Here is the part where I explain (or attempt to) the part of worth the wait. When I reflect on the fact that I have waited for this to come together, I realize that I have waited years for all the pieces to fit into the puzzle.

When I looked at that store window today, I realized someone was embarking on their dream as an entrepreneur. This was very exciting to me as I know the feeling of what they are going thru. The planning, the compliances, the regulations, the connections with resources, and the list goes on.

I envy them being at the stage that they are in. (yes, including the sleepless nights!) As a member of Compumatrix, my sleepless nights weren’t the same as our leaders sleepless nights. At times, I felt as though there is so much to do but being helpless on the sidelines like an injured player knowing your team needs you.

As we near completion, it is now our opportunity to shine and polish.

For those of you reading this, you may have been able to visit our sites and see what is in our store. We are not leaving it to your Imagination while we are constructing this online business as the store owner in the mall has done. However, what we are leaving to your imagination is this:





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