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When I Wrote Compuceeds or Bust


What a ride!

I was going thru some of the fabulous blog posts we have on this site. As I came across some of the earlier blogs I wrote, I landed on Compuceeds or Bust. I studied just what I wrote. Then I realized there are 2 sides to every story (always 2 sides). When I wrote Compumatrix or Bust, I was fulfilling a commitment that I made 30 days earlier. That commitment was to write 30 blogs in 30 days.

This is just one side of that story!

The other side of that story was the fact that I was recommitting myself to COMPUMATRIX! This was (is) big for me. For many of us, this has been a long wait. When I look back over the time of this wait, I find that I had been pulled back in this directions many times. While I was waiting, I was not idle. I was committed to certain goals that will drive me throughout my life time (I hope the same for you as well).

My commitment took me away from Compumatrix a time or two. However, there is something so powerful in this business as I have to admit I was always drawn back.

When I wrote Compumatrix or Bust, I was making a statement (to myself with you as my witness) that these 30 days of blogging was a demonstration of my commitment to Compumatrix.


It simply blows my mind to think our Founding Father of Compumatrix (Henry) is younger than myself (and many of the members) but that doesn’t stop us from looking up to him. I am still awe-struck at his resilience to the endeavor he undertook so long ago. As I realized just where he was going with this business, I concluded: he’s doing it! He is going to get accomplished what he set out to do years ago!

It was until then that I realized Compumatrix, Compuceeds, Cryptoceed and so on was the direction he was heading in with an earlier effort. (The World Economy just wasn’t quite where Henry’s brain was at that time!)

When you visit the Forum, you don’t have to read far before you realize what is meant by the Family of Compumatrix. We know each other, we laugh together, we cry together and above all, we pray for each other.

We are Family.




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