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Stability of Your Products in Your Online Business


In the marketplace we live in today, nothing seems to be stable. Products that we are buying today are outdated by the time we get them home! What can we hold true for the sake of stability?

Years ago, I heard a statement that rings true today: The only thing around here that is constant is CHANGE!

I will not venture as far as to state that E-commerce is stable because you can find thousands that will tell you about the failure of their online businesses. However, there is something that an online business offers that makes it attractive to many people that are seeking an answer for their economic plight.

(Stability may not be the right word at this time but we will get right back to it in just a moment!)

The word is GLOBALITY. (I didn’t even know it was a word, LOL) If you look it up, you will find that it is considered the end result of GLOBALIZATION. We can get into a discussion of Nouns and Verbs but we have BETTER things to consider!

Getting back to GLOBALITY and Stability, with your online business, you have the ability of Global reach into the far reaches of the World. Your market is so expansive that everyone is your potential customer. (This is a double edged sword.)


When I was thinking about stability, I happened to be walking past a Store Front in the Mall. As I looked in the window, I realized the store was empty and the products were gone. The store was waiting for the next DREAM. Was it going to be a place for a Dream to come and thrive or for the Dream to come to die?

In my post (Imagine What’s in My Online Store), I discussed the idea: WORTH THE WAIT. For the “new” shop owner in the Mall, they have planned this for some time. (The more they are prepared, the better their chances of survival.) For the online business owner, their wait is but a test for their endurance. They probably do not have as much at stake and probably did not put as much into preparation.

What value do you place into your online business?




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