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Virtual Currency versus Payment Processor Mindset

With the virtual currency mindset, you already got paid the moment you see your earnings in digital form which gets you excited attracting everyone else around you to join by either buying virtual currency or virtual currency packages from you directly or online. The payment processor mindset, on the other hand, gets you excited when you receive the cash on hand and that’s the only time everyone else around you join. So instead of earning faster, there is a very long lag time or waiting period if you employ a payment processor mindset which obviously keeps all your prospects away from you until that moment you receive cash. With virtual currencies, you can close deals faster and earn cash faster via peer to peer trading or in this example, by selling the card available to you directly to a prospective client. Whether you use #compuceeds   #bitcoin  or other virtual currency, always remember that receiving these means you are already paid. You’re definitely not in Kansas anymore.

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