Your Online Business Taking Flight


I received an email (joke) a long time ago. It went like this:

A Native Amercian Brave approached his Chief and asked, “I know you name all the babies in the tribe but how do you decide what their name is?” The Chief replied, “When a baby is born, I look out and the first thing I see will be their name such as Deer in the Meadow or Eagle Flying Over Tribe.” The Chief added, “Why do you ask ….” (The young brave’s name is not appropriate for this blog)

When you think about Eagles in Flight, you often think about superiority. In the name Eagle Flying Over Tribe, this young brave would have something to live up to. When I ask: have you taken your online business to the next level, try to imagine your online business FLYING OVER THE INTERNET!


In your own mind, can you see an image of what this would appear to be? Do you see a “Brick and Mortar” business flying over the city with bystanders rushing to see the phenomenon? Being an online business, this image would be far removed from your brain cells or brain capacity. But, what capacity would you be able to conjure up if you were pressed for success on the Internet?

What is within your capacity to create the success that not only you are seeking but you deserve as well?

In another post (Is Your Education Complete to Run Your Online Business), I posted this information:
There is no way your education will be complete so you better get going. Who you listen to is totally up to you. We are on several marketers mailing lists. We want to stay on top of what is in the marketing news today, tomorrow and yesterday. (Yes, I said yesterday! Old methods are still working today as well.)

When your online business takes flight, it will be because you decided to develop the brain capacity to visualize your online business all over the Internet and take the necessary steps to accomplish your goal.