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I was scouring the web for something fun to share. I guess this one is fun: Old Computers.

I’ve used one of the first Apple IIe that was sold in the market way back the 80s. Fortunately for me having a cousin who lives in Guam and packs all his stuff including those bulky computers whenever he comes home to spend a vacation here in the Philippines.

These kids couldn’t fathom using one of these devices which was of course a necessary stage for people to create and innovate. Everything then requires your mind to get creative. Programmers actually think during those days.

I fell in love with DOS and every programming language when I graduated in High School. Never actually seen any importance for this during my high school days. Not to mention, I had the worst computer teacher who seem to want to teach only those who pays extra during summer school.

Well anyway, afterwards I grew up and became a Computer Teacher. Now? I’m a Global Director and Founder of a company that can’t live without a computer.


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