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Sowing the Ceeds of Your Online Business Success


If you are not familiar with what I am talking about, you probably think I should be talking about Sowing the SEEDS of your online business SUCCESS! Either way, YOU’RE RIGHT!

I am talking about Sowing the Seeds of Success but I am talking about the concept of planting “CEEDS” for that success. The Ceeds I am talking about are Compuceeds. (And you get them at Compumatrix)

As we talk about online business (or any business for that matter), there will undoubtedly be a reference back to the Financials. What this means is business is NOT conducted unless payment is made. The days are numbered for those times you simply walk into the store, pick up a product and pull out your wallet and pay “cash” for it. In our Virtual World, more and more shopping is done over the Internet and payment is done by Electronic Payment Processing.

This entire blog post can be summarized in this next statement: If you are an online business owner, you want to be able to secure payment for your products and services in the least amount of time possible leaving room to increase profits due to immediate availability of funds after sales.


In my post, COMPUCEEDS, My Online Business Product, I made the following reference:

When it comes to E-Commerce, name everything (in your head) that you can think of as it relates to your ability to earn an income online while conducting your online business.

Unless you read the title of this section, I bet you didn’t even consider the aspect of GETTING PAID (or a Payment Solution).

As I mentioned above, you do not have to read this blog post if you get that ONE statement above regarding getting paid and the speed in which you get paid. I remember as a young man learning some of the “tricks” of business such as 30 day receivables. This meaning you can buy your supplies today and have 30 days to make your payment. (In other words, you are “floating” your expenses hoping to make your costs back within 30 days so you can make that payment.) IS THIS ANYWAY TO RUN A BUSINESS?

Enter into our World the age of Digital Currency. There are several digital currencies out there in our Virtual World. We are just focused on one and that is COMPUCEEDS (produced by Compumatrix).

In the above statement that can summarize this blog post for you, I would like to point out the mention of online businesses. This is NOT limited to only online businesses but it is also used for our traditional (and no-traditional) offline businesses as well.

The mention of Online Businesses is due to the fact that Compumatrix is an online business enterprise that services both Online and Offline functions. However, you will realize the limited function of the terminology of “offline” anymore. (I can’t think of an offline business that does not have some level of integration with Online Functions, especially payment functions.)

Visit us and see how we can best serve your needs.


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