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Give me an all-inclusive PC thanks!

Is anybody else fretting over the clutter of cables?
I get so frustrated over the clutter of cables at my office! Whatever I want to do – there’s a cable getting in the way. Working on my computer requires one cable for the keyboard, one for the screen, one for the scanner, one for the printer, one for the mouse, one for the…
Actually it’s a clutter!
I can’t vacuum-clean my office, without moving around a bunch of cables. Not to mention – I need a lot of extra power outlets – for the modem, for the power cords…
So I would like to extend an urgent wish to PC developers.
Please give me an All-inclusive PC thanks!
Until then – what can be done to ease up my situation?
In newly built houses it’s possible to plan wiring.
I have an old house, built when computers were science fiction.
But it can be arranged – with little monetary outlay
You can buy cable trays and screw or attach with glue on the wall.
The disadvantage of cable trays is that they are visible and quite ugly – if they can not be hidden.
Special solutions
There are special solutions with floor pedestals, door moldings, ceiling moldings, which are milled into to make room for the cables. But that means reconstruction and costs.
Today’s Computer software is full of magic solutions. You can do almost everything using a computer. Developments are done daily, for new areas where you can use a computer. You can play games with stunning graphics and motions.

There are computers with built in batteries – yes – but they are still limited when it comes to all the extras…

Is there a young Computer developer out there who can create a better option for me? I am prepared to donate some of my earned Digital Currency for a solution that gives me an organized workplace, more clean space to arrange my paperwork.

So I humbly ask – Give me an all-inclusive PC, with built-in scanner, printer, and solar cells for operation and without any cables!


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