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Net Neutrality Jargon

We’ve been hearing a lot about net neutrality these days. Well we should be wary about it as net neutrality means free internet. This could greatly affect how the entire internet would be in the future.

Most cable, internet service providers and telecoms companies where we actually subscribe our precious internet connections had a crazy idea. An idea that would make them a more profitable enterprise.

The idea is quite simple. Treat each website on the Internet as if it was a cable tv show or movie. In short, in order for you to access or browse any website faster, you would need to buy an exclusive fast lane subscription or else suffer a slow browsing experience as it provides that website a less priority on internet speed.

They are a for profit business anyway. And these telecoms company are pushing and spending big bucks lobbying it for Congress to pass a bill in their favor. Once the bill is passed, that would mean the end for free internet. Well they (the big telecoms) say that portions of the Internet will still be free but of course if you want that high speed exclusive access then buy your Internet Subscription and choose which websites you would want to access via high-speed connection.

Last Monday, President Obama asked the Federal Communications Commission to set the ‘strongest possible rules’ to protect net neutrality as agency writes new Internet traffic regulations. Obama urged the FCC to prohibit so-called paid prioritization, deals in which content providers would pay Internet companies to ensure smooth delivery of traffic. He said the FCC should reclassify consumer broadband service to be regulated more like a public utility.


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