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Piggy banks?


What happens to  piggy banks?

I throw my change into a jar, actually is it a big empty baking powder can. My kids all had piggy banks, some cute, and one was so ugly it was put in the closet. I have realized recently that it is taking longer to fill the can with the ” fun money” as it was labeled. Once a year we would go and have ” fun as a family” with the fun money hoarded the previous year. The rule was we could not bring anything useful home, we just had to have fun.
My pockets are not weighted with the change collected daily at the vending machine, ice cream shop, magazine rack, or the hundred other places we stop during the day or week. Paying is not handing a paper dollar to a clerk, or someone at a cash register. We now reach into our wallet or purse to whip out a plastic card, slide or swipe it, wait for the screen to show ” accepted” before we gather our goods to head home. We don’t have to chat with a human, most are automated and unemotional.

Gone is the hassle of sorting coins dug from the purse or pocket looking for the correct combination so we don’t have to get any more change for our bulging pocket or change purse. We have all fed the “piggy banks” disguised as jars, cans, boxes, drawers or special socks. At one time I was filling a sock, a big ol wool heavy work sock full of change. It worked great until the toe burst open moving it one day, spilling coins across the bedroom floor. One episode I recall was with a 10 gallon water jar use in a office cooler. I thought this would be great to keep change in. And what a challenge to fill. I put change in it for about 2 years, filling it about 1/3 full. One evening we heard glass breaking upstairs with a hissing rattling sound like sand or something heaving flowing. The kids, ran ahead searching but not discovering the cause. We then starting looking behind, under, at the windows, until I opened the door to my closet, there it was. Broken, shattered, with coins spilling out slithering its path across the closet bottom, now falling on the floor as the door was opened. What a surprise that was. I was totally dumbfounded with the mess caused by the broken water jug. I thought they were much stronger.

The piggy banks have almost vanished with the new generation, my grand kids have none and when I asked them about a piggy bank , they looked at me with a puzzled expression like I came from a different planet. That look prevails with kids I try to communicate with. I don’t use a phone to text so it is all foreign to them, conversation that is.

Gift cards, credit cards, debit cards, EFT, Direct deposit, phone banking is all the rage, leaving the poor ” Piggy Bank” to sit neglected on a shelf, or tossed into a donation box to sit forgotten, pushed back out of sight on some gloomy forgotten shelf to be taken down and recycled into a plastic bank card.

The Piggy Bank is a thing of the past, so part of the past generation, but now just a nuisance on the shelf, neglected, wanting to be filled with ” fun money” or help to make a wish come true. If you discover one in your house, drop a coin in the slot, if you can find one, and put a smile on that pig!


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