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Procrastinators Unite! Your Business Needs You!

This is not only a personal confession; this is an overall observation of what could very well be the biggest enemy of running a successful business. It’s that mindset of “oh, I’ll put this off until later”; or “I don’t feel like doing that today because I would rather go to the beach instead.”

Let’s face it: There are not a lot of people who would NOT want to relax on a beach or by the pool on a sunny day, instead of being confined within four walls dealing with the intricacies of running a business. After all, that wonderful dreamy beach scenario could well be the most coveted life of all time!

When it comes to starting our own business – building it bit by bit and then maintaining and growing that business so that it sustains and satisfies us for our lifetime – the reality is that we do need to put in some heavy work along the way. Especially in the beginning, during that critical phase when all the little pieces must fit together to ensure the business is launched successfully into the world. The drudgery of sorting through technicalities, legalities, and all the other minutiae of running a business is something we need to accept.

The good news is, there are many ways in which to make even this seemingly dreary aspect something we can come to look forward to and even love at some point.

Of course it helps if your business is focused and built around a personal passion. In fact, it is highly recommended, and most successful entrepreneurs always give credit to their own love of the product they are providing, or the service they are offering. It literally fuels them through years of disappointments, setbacks and delays…that abiding passion lifts them up and keeps them focused on the end result. And inevitably, they do not stop until they experience that success!

Humanity tends to have a short attention span these days, however, and something that may have sparked your enthusiasm even this morning, may have you cringing by the afternoon with fatigue at the mere thought of putting any more energy into it. It is so easy to procrastinate when the very thought of doing another thing makes you want to crawl into bed and lay in the fetal position.

This is where procrastinators should unite in taking up a new and more healthy mindset, where we do not get caught up and then dragged below the surface by the demons of daily drudgery. This issue is actually much like an addiction to alcohol, food or drugs. In order to overcome, one must first admit to having a problem.

Today, I freely admit that procrastination is something I have struggled with all my life, along with all the attendants like over-thinking, analysis-paralysis, and just plain laziness.

Here is something that might help us all to focus from a higher perspective, just to begin with. This is from someone who definitely understood the concept of energetics, Sir Isaac Newton himself, who delineated three main laws of motion:

For today, we will stick with Newton’s first law of motion – sometimes referred to as the law of inertia. An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

This logic in itself gives us some strong clues as to what we are facing in our quest to stop the chronic procrastination. Quite simply, the more we choose to put something off, the more we will be compelled to choose the same in future. It may just become a never-ending cycle. Unless…we are faced with that “unbalanced force” that will shake us out of this business-destroying habit.

Today, I choose to be that “unbalanced force” for myself and others going through the same thing, simply by writing this article addressing this prevalent issue. I know there are many others who face the same thing, day by day. I am sure we all truly have a deep desire to run our own successful business, and mostly, we are willing to work for it, too. We just need to find that focus, to nudge ourselves back on the path, and maybe even be our own unbalanced force to wake ourselves up.

In future articles, we’ll go more in-depth on the practicalities of “where to go from here?  How do we regain our momentum, and maintain the passion needed to bring us to the finish line of success?”  This realization that procrastination could be our problem, is quite enough for now; to suddenly have the ability to metaphorically see the whole forest rather than every single tree.

Procrastinators like myself find a lot of freedom in being able to see the “big picture”. It is like suddenly wiping the slate clean, a “tabula rasa” where we have a fresh moment to begin creating better habits. Let’s celebrate this first, big step!


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