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Your Online Business and the Laws of Business


Are we talking Business Law or are we talking Business Success. I have several thought around the title of this post. However, I want to focus more on the concept of working from home with your online business.

In his post (10 Simple Laws of Business Success), Geoffrey James had the following listed as Number 3:
3. Anger is an expression of helplessness. People become angry not as the result of outside events or the actions of other people, but because they’re frustrated at their own inability to change themselves and their emotional state. Put another way, a screaming boss is just a screaming baby writ large.

If you went back and read Geoffrey’s post, you may be inclined to believe this information was meant only for the traditional business. The application of his insight with your online business would indicate your ability to not only see the value of its application but also to enjoy the perception of being a valuable business owner in your own right.

Before we got ourselves involved with the Internet, we saw this “angry boss” scenario in a multitude of employment situations. This can be one of the factors that drive those entrepreneurs into the online business community. This, however, is NOT enough in itself to create success.

Although I am only discussing the Number 3 aspect of Geoffrey’s list, this does not imply you can take one of these and run with it alone to create success.

The flip side of the “Angry Boss” explosions is the “Angry employee” implosions. I like to look at this as the employees’ counter-productive and often destructive actions that not only bring down the company but also brings down the angry employee. You know what I’m talking about: the employee that does as little as possible, the employee that sabotages projects, etc.


The application is all up to you! (How’s that for a copout?)

In my post (Someone Left the Cake…. ), I addressed the idea of a business formula through the words of a song. Your online business is just an idea. That is all it is. Now(would be a good time), it is time for you to take this business idea and run with it. The “idea” doesn’t need to be your own, but, what you do with it becomes your idea.



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