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Athletics and Your Online Business


At some time in our lives, we all had some athletic endeavor. It may have been short lived or it may have been one of those “life-time” pursuits. For me, I have not played any organized sports since College where I played Polo. This was an ideal sport for me since the horses were the ones that really poured out the energy. Now, when I think about exercising, I lie down until the feeling passes.

College is a place that lays the foundation of who we are (or, conversely, who we are NOT).

Recently, I had the opportunity to look back on my life and where I have been. This thought surfaced when I was checking a post from our blog that I posted to Face Book. I saw a friend request so I checked to see who it was. My jaw almost hit the ground. The friend request was from my Freshman Year College roommate! I had been thinking about him recently and there he was!

I clicked on his profile and there were photos of him recently running a race. I thought for the moment, wow, he continued with Athletic pursuits! Before College, he had attended a Private School that specialized in Downhill Skiing. He was quite the Athlete (as he carried me off the ski slope once when I broke a ski)!


By now, you must think I am just reminiscing and there is no way this is related to your online business. WRONG!

When I looked at my “old” College roommate’s profile, I realized College had laid the foundation for who he would become. Conversely, for me, there was so little from my College years that would carry me toward my goals. (And if you told me back then what I would be doing now, I would have laughed in your face!)

My saving grace that got me thru College was the Horsemanship program and the Polo Team. Without this, I would not have had any desire to continue past my first year. Later in life, this would continue to be my saving grace. I recently had to put a horse down that I bought as a 3 year old. He was 37 years old when I put him down. I can’t tell you how many countless times he kept me out of trouble by being there for me.

He also led me to my purpose with my online business. He was in the focus of why I started a Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program for emotionally disturbed children. It was his gift that thought me patience and tranquility. It was sharing this that put me in the mist of working with emotionally disturbed children. IT WAS THE COST OF THIS THAT LED ME TO THE DESIRE TO OWN AN ONLINE BUSINESS.


Do you want to know the Secret of Success? HAVE A PURPOSE!

This is not the only “secret” of success. If you really feel you must succeed, then dive into some of the work of Napoleon Hill. There are a number of other resources, but start there!

In the post When I Wrote Compuceeds or Bust, I made the following statement:
When I wrote Compumatrix or Bust, I was making a statement (to myself with you as my witness) that these 30 days of blogging was a demonstration of my commitment to Compumatrix.

It is so easy to be like a Raven and be constantly attracted to that “next shiny object”. When you are engaged in the Online Business arena, you have to constantly on guard for this. It is always good if you have partners to work with when you are on a project however, you (and your partner) have to monitor each other to be sure the shiny object distraction is eliminated.

If you haven’t done so as of yet, then by all means do it now:




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