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Compumatrix is About the Relationship


Compumatrix was built on the basis of “the relationship”.

Ask any of the Founding members about family and they will ask you which family, the one I was born into or the one I am accepted within: my COMPUMATRIX Family!

One of the aspects that Compumatrix is based on is this sense of Community. Our core element (not the product) is the Social activity of our members. We are a Social Community that is tied into the major Social activities online today. We produce social content and share this in a variety of means.

Compumatrix is not only a Social Media Community but it is also a Marketing community. (Therefore it is a social media marketing community.) Through our Social Sharing, we are sharing who we are as well as what we produce (our product). Because we are sharing ourselves first, we are building the relationship and because we are also marketing, we can conclude this is relationship marketing.

The focus of relationship marketing is a movement away from the focus on creating new sales but on retaining those customers that we have won as long term customers (and members). Relationship Marketing is considered by most as a new term but I consider it a return to traditional business practices. These business practices that we are returning to is an expression of past marketing methods that had been used for generations. In the past, you knew the shops that you bought from and those shop owners knew who you were (this was once a sense of community).


The return to relationship marketing (and social media marketing) has enlightened us about what we have moved away from. (About now, I could use this platform to launch a major Social/Political debate but I must refrain.)

When we were first introduced to the concept of making money with our home business, we were introduced to reading Positive Mental Attitude books. Some of these books were a life story of the difficulties the author toiled thru until they broke into success. One of these books was Frank Bettger’s book, How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling. This one book was so enlightening that I held the concepts within in my own mind hoping I could satisfactorily assimilating them into my life. As we venture forward with our Relationships in Compumatrix, I realize the value of what Frank Bettger taught in his book.

I also appreciate it more when I realize this book was about someone that developed his success from just what we are returning to in the year 2014.

Welcome to your Compumatrix Family!



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