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Your Online Business, Is It a Real Product


This is a question from someone that has been around the block a few times. Before the Internet and the online business, this idea would not carry as much relevance. (Of course, that’s not to say those chain letters did not fit the bill!) With the Internet, you could throw together a website, attract people to it and make a lot of money (without having a product). That was then and this is today.

We are getting ready to work with an entrepreneur on his business venture. We are looking at having this business accept Compuceeds thru the Cryptoceed e-wallet. His concern (on his side of the business) is whether or not his product fits into the category of being a product (a “Real” product).

I can’t tell you what the product is since we haven’t launched yet however, I can tell you it is REAL!


An online business is an easy business to get started and to operate. This is a blessing and at the same time it is a curse. (Thus, the dilemma!) Some people take something so simple and complicate it. Others attempt to simplify everything not paying attention to the gravity of their actions.

When you are getting ready to organize and run an online business, you have to take every detail into consideration. We have seen so many “Great” business ideas take off and crash before they really get off the ground. This careless attitude gives Failure in this Industry a high mark and a bad reputation.

A lot of these “quick start and failures” are derived from a previous history of business jumping. By this, I am referring to jumping into and out of different businesses trying to make a quick buck or two before the business folds.


Compumatrix took a long time in its development. If I were to state it embraces multiple ideas, I would be vastly understated this business. When our friend wanted to launch his business, we immediately thought about the impact Compumatrix would have in the development of his business. Although he has a business, Compumatrix complements his online business.

The survival of any online business is partially dependent on its ability to adequately handle its Financial aspects. This is “ONE” of the areas that we perceive what Compumatrix can do for the online business community.

Compumatrix main product is its Digital Currency, Compucceds. As the Business communities realize the revelation digital currencies are about to make in the Global Economy, this will be a matter of “yesterday’s” conversations!




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