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Years ago, I was very comfortable living in the mountains of Colorado. However, I just left a job and had to find something else to do. I was trying to find a way to develop a business in the tourism industry. I had a job offer that I would have loved however, it would have been only for 3 months and pay so little that I could only exist on it for the time I would have been working.

I knew there was a way to be able to do what you wanted to do and live anywhere you wanted to while doing it! Unfortunately, I never found that until years later when I discovered earning an income online.

As I am writing this, it is currently 9 degree F outside and it warmed up 20 degrees today. With these temperatures (maybe its freezing my brain), I have been longing to Living in the Mountains!


Notice I said: “online business”. I guess there are some limitations when we realize all we need is an Internet connection. You can get an Internet connection almost anywhere however, this points out the limitation.

I read a comment in our forum: “I have been away for 3 weeks”. This in itself signifies the importance of our online businesses. The writer of this comment was away for 3 weeks and in the meantime, his business was still in full operation! Although he was not present, most of the factors of the business were able to give him this freedom. I say most because there are things that we need to do (or duties to perform) to be able to keep our businesses functioning. The question is: “Do you need to be physically present in your business 40 hours a week, Monday thru Friday (and maybe 1/2 days on Saturdays)?”

Years ago, I knew a marketer that built his businesses thru conference calls. One day, he had to make his call per his schedule. At the time, he was out on a mountain downhill skiing. He found a good location that he could make a connection and held his conference call. Do you think he let his callers know where he was? You bet he did! If he could build his business while he was skiing, they wanted to be a part of this!


Did someone kill your dreams? You may not be able to see yourself taking your online business to the top. If someone has killed your dream, it is time to take that dream back again.

Most people just mope around while they are online. They go to their favorite Social Media sites and check to see what their friends “had for breakfast”, read a few emails then wonder why their online business hasn’t taken off. After all, who’s responsibility is it for your success online?

If (when) you are ready to take your online business to the mountain top, then it is time for you to take on a business attitude.




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