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Dear Customer, Your Opinion Matters


Wouldn’t you like to walk into a store and see a big bold sign that says: Dear Customer, Your Opinion Matters!

This is the way business is meant to be. e get caught up often in ourselves and what we think is right. What ever happened to: the customer is always right! (That went out the window as soon as they came in the door asking for the hardware department!)

Steve Jobs had a twist on this. He felt we can no longer give the customer what they want! Why did he take that stance? I can tell you in one word: PROFITS. Look at the perspective that Steve Jobs was coming from. He was the force behind APPLE, Inc. He was not about to give the customer what they wanted because that little company called Apple could not compete in that arena of supplying “present day technology”. What he wanted to deliver to his customers was technology that they would embrace and come back looking for the next “new” exciting gadgets.

In the case of Steve Jobs and Apple, Inc., what mattered regarding the “customers’ opinion” was what they thought about the “new” product that was just delivered into their hand.


Every business should be looking at developing good impressions about their products and services. Today, this is referred to as: developing your Brand.

This was never a consideration for the multitudes of online business owners as it has become today. No one questions the awareness of the major companies such as the Fortune 500 or Fortune 100 companies. These companies spend an enormous amount of funds on advertising every year. Do they really need you to know who they are? Of course not! What they need you to know is that they are still there and when you think about one of their products, you think of their name!

We are involved with a Fledgling company with a lot of history behind it. However, there are only a handful of us that are aware of that history. Compumatrix has been long in the developing but relatively new to the online business community. This is not an obstacle for us considering we are also in a new and developing industry of DIGITAL CURRENCY.




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