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When is the best time to start working on automating your online business? The answer to this may not be as simple as it would seem. Most people never automate their online business. (Want to know why?) The reason most people do not automate their online business is because they do not know how.

Some times people never have any intention at all regarding automating their online business. They figure if this way worked for me 20 years ago, I will make it work again. This may work for them, however, I bet it won’t work for others they are trying to work with.

The reason I’m writing this is due to a thought that went thru my mind this morning. (Most of the time, I miss the significance of such a thought but this time, it stuck.) While rolling the idea around in my head about automating my business, I realized that NOW was the best time to automate my business. Not just any business but the business I am working on to launch with a friend. As we pull the pieces together, we can “write” this into the mix.


Another time to automate your business might not occur to you if you are already engaged in an online business. You might consider it time to automate your online business during idle times.

Here is an example for you. Let’s say you have been marketing for some time and you are very comfortable on the phone. You normally buy a list of leads and there you go: smiling and dialing! You can keep yourself very business this way. However, there are times during the day (or night) that it is just not acceptable to make phone calls. This is the time you do other things. What if you don’t have something else to do. You might consider using this time to automate your business.

In the above situation, since you are comfortable making phone calls, one method you might consider for automation would be to bring into your marketing plan the use of an auto responder.


My business time is never a time to be idle. As stated above, maybe when you are idle it would be a good time to automate your online business. I could have used several “volumes” of examples to automate with. The point is use your idle time and if you do nothing else, use that time to think.

When I first got online, I used to play a lot of solitaire. One day, I realized not only is this addicting but it is a total waste of productive time. I wasn’t on the computer to play. I was on the computer to make money. When I wasn’t engaged in my business, then I was using that time to research something about my business.

In the post (Compuceeds or Bust), I wrote this:

Although I have been writing and publishing this blog on my personal challenge for the last 30 days, I have met my goal and it is time to find a new one. I will continue writing blogs however, I will have other responsibilities to take care of in the meantime.

Some people call this a game. If that is the case:

I’m in the game.

That post was the completion of a goal. With the completion of that goal, it was time to find another one to pursue.

What are you using your idle time for? Are you in the game?




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