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Most people want to leave something to their children when it is time for them to move on from this life. You should take this into consideration when you are talking about your work as well. Can you really leave your job to the children? You can if your “job” is your online business.

One of the motivating factors for building an online business is so you can build something for your family. Think of it this way: build your online business for your Prince and Princess.

Author Thomas Stanley researched and wrote about Millionaire in his books: The Millionaire Next Door, The Millionaire Mind and The Millionaire Mindset.

His research might astound you. Most people are of the belief that somebody that is well-off has inherited their fortune. However, from Thomas Stanley’s research, most people that inherit fortunes tend to lose that fortune in a short time. Most of today’s Millionaires has earned their fortune themselves.


One of the profiles that Thomas Stanley describes in his books is the enabled child. By this term, the reference is toward the adult children that become dependent on the yearly distribution of wealth. they tend to live beyond their means and rely on the extra income they receive as a distribution from their parents.

Your online business can be set up so your children upon inheriting the business become active participants with the business. When they are engaged in “earning an income online” thru their inherited business, they would become more responsible (hopefully).

In his research, Thomas Stanley interview several Millionaires that were aware of this problem and set up their inheritance to be distributed in smaller increments at specified ages of their adult children. They set it up to coincide with certain needs that may arise such as times for grandchildren to begin to attend college or possible weddings and home ownership.


Will you be building your online business for your Prince and Princess?

When you consider what you can do with your online business, realize it is not a job but it is something that can be carried through your family as one of its greatest legacies.




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