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You know I write a lot about the various aspects of the online business. You also know my titles leave the connections to these aspects to speculation. But, how can I relate the values of your possessions to aspects of owning your online business?

Wait and see!

In my blog post (Build Your Online Business For Your …. ), I talked about the “enabled child” (referring to adult children in this case). If you really want to understand some of this, then I suggest getting into some of the books Thomas Stanley wrote regarding his studies of Millionaires. The point I want to stress is the fact that the inheritance that was handed down was not as valuable as the Wealth Earned.


If you do not value it, it will not grow. This is like a garden. If you do not take care in preparing the soil, planting the seeds or plants at the right time, watering and weeding, you will not have anything that looks like a garden at all. If the farmer had no value in his work and the plants that he has sown, he will not be fruitful.

Do you know why so many people fail with their online businesses?

They treat their business like they treat their job (only worst). With their online business, they procrastinate the work they need to do and leave the business to find its own destiny. That destiny is failure!

Most people don’t leave their desks at their jobs and go to sit in front of their TV. If they did, what do you think the boss is going to say? Or, what are you going to say to the boss? This job is too boring and I’m missing my best afternoon programs!


If you didn’t earn it, you don’t value it!

When you work at something really hard and it finally bears fruit, you are on top of the World. You are so proud of what you accomplished. If you are working for someone that does a presentation at the end of the year for the best performance in his/her department, aren’t you so very proud when you get that reward?

Conversely, at the end of the year, everyone in the department gets that very same reward (no matter how they performed)! Now, how much do you value that reward?

Worst yet! This one runs prevalently in business. You work your tail off and give it all you’ve got. Your project is recognized at the end of the year. Your Department head takes the mic and for the next 30 minutes talks about how great he/she is and how hard they worked to complete the project….wah, wah, wah


We are value conscience here with our Compumatrix business. The value of this company is far beyond what you see on the surface. This is a fit (not only as a business) in a variety of ways. It fits in terms of being a payment solution for online businesses and at the same time, it is immensely valuable for the needs of offline businesses.

Earn Your Value


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