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A Thanksgiving Message for Your Online Business


Thanksgiving is something that is celebrated here in the United State today. It is a celebration that not only we share but it is a blessing that is meant to be shared. It is my hope, belief and my prayer that everyone receives the Grace from this celebration in any possible way where ever it may reach and touch you.

Thanksgiving started as a shared community between the Native Americans and the Colonist that sailed to the “New World” looking for peace and freedom for themselves. With that sharing, passed down for hundreds of years, we still hope for the blessings that were shared.


Within the realms of being Thankful, we must take into consideration all aspects of our lives that we can share with others. One of these aspects is our online business. It’s not only the idea of being thankful for having an online business and working from home, but it really is dependent on our ability to use the opportunity to make life better for those around us.

Although we are involved with several online ventures, we are especially proud to being in the membership (family) of Compumatrix. This is the one area that everyone has the opportunity to win but further, the reality of a chance to win. As I look back to the very basis of this day, I can call the members of our family “Pilgrims”. This isn’t in the light of John Wayne whereas, he called everyone this but with our venture, we have gone thru some of the ordeals the original Pilgrims faced (just in modern times).

As the day breaks, I am sitting here having my coffee meanwhile sending this message instantly to Family Members throughout the World. Looking back to the times of our Pilgrims, their messages might have gotten back to their European origins within 6 months? Maybe?

Have a Wonder filled Thanksgiving Day and share many blessings throughout the Year





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