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When I was a “MLM Junkie”, we would head to the Hotel meetings like a cattle drive. (nothing wrong with MLM, as a matter of fact, I’m helping a friend launch one.) I just find it interesting some of the lines we swallowed. One of the worst lines was the one that put us together as a community. We may have been a community but it was the kind I thought.

I found someone with an idea. It was to form a community that would be formed on the idea of sharing – a true sharing community. This didn’t come about easily and it wasn’t timely by any stretch. However, through dedication and sheer determination, this person did not let us down.

This community is Compumatrix and is founded by Henry James Banayat.

Today, as I read the update, I realized Henry put a cap on the label: A True Sharing Community. We develop this online business as a team and as a team we share in the profits.


If you really must know, our online business is a Crypto currency called Compuceeds. In time, you will realize who we really are and what we bring to the table. Right in the core of our business is the production of Virtual Currency called Compuceeds. That production is brought about by a variety of activities and sharing those activities. (You will find more information on this later!)

In the post (COMPUCEEDS, My Online Business Product ), this was mentioned:


When it comes to E-Commerce, name everything (in your head) that you can think of as it relates to your ability to earn an income online while conducting your online business.

Not only are we engaged in the production of Virtual Currency but we are suitable as a payment solution for your online (and offline) endeavours.

This is but one of the facets of “who we are”. As I stated, you will see more very very soon. The point of this post is that I saw something in that update today that I have never seen before in all my years. It basically was an act that turned “greed” inside out and left no place for it in our community. When I read just what Henry wrote tonight, I realized what I have felt recently,





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