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What on earth is happening?

This question is formulated from the many posts I read from a diverse number of members. A lot of those posts, or if you please, statements are negative and whinny but many are very positive and supportive while others just show some confusion.

What am I talking about? Well the phrase that incorporates the concept and phrase of getting paid.

Now this is interesting for this basic reason. VIRTUAL CURRENCY IS REAL CURRENCY. Why can I say that? because there are many government agencies that are grappling with how to deal with this new currency concept. Also, there are a multitude of banking centers, that are working at how to define this for their own advantages.

However, notwithstanding any of these agencies seeking to formulate answers and the legal categories, one thing is most certain, these currencies are here and they are here to stay. This one true fact is what is causing all the consternation by these many different authority and regulatory bodies.

Now having said this and making the fact of the establishment of virtual currencies, let us get particular on the individual currency of “Compuceeds”, the proprietary currency of “Compumatrix”.

So let’s address these whinny negative posts about not getting paid. Let’s analyze some facts. Most members here today started with a very minimum input of cash and many already got the equalizing payment some 8 years ago. Now from then on very little was asked for but for times of getting shares.

So the question is, have you got paid yet?, the logical answer is yes you have. Over the years you were allocated a number of VC – compuceeds from the companies activities and then you were give the opportunity to “earn” from your activity agenda on the sites. The result is that you were able to manufacture a product, accumulate in one way or another increase in your e-wallet the currency of compuceeds.

Ask yourself this question, why would you get excited to find merchants that will accept compuceeds as payment for product IF and this is a big IF you have not been paid, IF you do not have compuceeds in your e-wallet to “pay” for product?.

It is so insincere and dishonest for members to say I have not been paid. To be honest you can say I do not know how to use what I have been paid, or you can say I choose not to avail myself of the opportunity afforded to me to generate cash from my compuceed products. That would be honest but to say I have not been paid when someone asks you that question is totally dishonest. For you to say no, and to thus impinge on the integrity of our company, what it does and what it represents for every individual who will put forth the effort you may not want to put forth and thus deny them the opportunity to earn because you may be a grouchy whiner with a negative personality, and fail to be joyful for what you do have is just bottom line dishonest and in truth lying.

Rather than always being complaining and grumpy and telling the company how and what it should do in “your opinion”. Would it not be better to just sit back relax and learn what is really going on in the world, that is, the bigger, broader world than your little, limited world, so that when the breakout comes you will be learned, educated, wise and capable to go with the flow of success even for yourself.

Alleviate yourself from the constant “8 Years ago the same old same old” and join most of is in the new and the progress being made by our company in the world of new horizons.

I think many of you, and you know who you are as we seem to have to continually deal with your attitude, may want to re-evaluate your attitude toward this company and what it is spearheading and pioneering in this global financial, commercial and industrial world. Re-evaluate by being a star of support rather than a cloud of constant complaint. KNOW this we are not a company of doing business as usual as some seem to define the model and paradigm of our business but I ask you to make a quality decision to get on board the learning train of what we are really about. Maybe in this way you can give our hard working RR’s and rest of the staff a break from so many of you choosing to be the proverbial “pain in the neck or side” a term God popularized in the Bible by saying this about the Israelites with their constant complaining and grumbling against God and those he chose to lead these people. NO I am not comparing us; nor our business; to God and His leading the Israelites but simply finding the term He used as stated above sort of appropriate. That is the something one can think about.

It does get wearying from my perspective and others to continually hear from different ones on how; my bank, my business, etc. does not have this problem or that problem or they do this or that, thus demonstrating a complete lack of knowledge of our business model and paradigm that is innovative and pioneering and global in every part of its function.

I know some of you are thinking, who does this dude think he is? Well I am the President and CEO of this company, that means you, especially if you are a shareholder and I have an abundance of years of experience in many fields and operations.

So that in brief is who this “dude” thinks he is. The wise will hear and heed, for that has been the conclusion I have always seen to be the result of an exhortation such as this. This comes from my evaluation of reading the Book of Proverbs, in which much is said of the difference of the foolish person and the wise person.

Do not jump to any conclusion as to anyone whom I may be labeling for I am not. -just read the book!

Let’s recap. The answer to the question, “have you been paid” is a definite YES whether you can explain it or not, because you have currency loaded in you e-wallet. If you think not then give your compuceeds all away to someone, who knows better that the answer is yes and will value it and who will use it to save, grow or even negotiate with merchants.

For even as Dr. Liz said even in the Portal you can earn and increase your e-wallet in compuceeds. Those that appreciate this fact were excited for they full well know the excellent implication.


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