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What Is Your Intention?

When I was younger, I liked the saying ‘Begin as you mean to go on’.  I don’t even know if it really was a saying, or if it was just my saying.

What it meant to me then was that whatever we begin will continue on in much the same way.  If something is begun out of fear, then fear will likely be what is most often felt, in that activity.  Similarly, if it begun with an intention of love or celebration, then feelings of love, celebration and joy are likely to be felt.

That is called setting intent, these days.  And sometimes when something that we are doing or getting ready to do, doesn’t feel quite right, it can be because our intent isn’t the highest one to move from.  Simply by changing our intent or reason for doing something, the quality of our experience can change dramatically.  It may be the perfect thing to do, but not for the right reason.

Exercise is is a good example.  We can intend to exercise for lots of different reasons. Those reasons that feel better in our bodies and hearts will be easier for us to follow through on.  Exercising because you ‘should’, or in order to lose weight, will not feel as good in your body, while exercising to take loving care of your physical body will feel better, and therefore be easier to follow through on.

Taking the time to set an intent for the things that matter most to you may turn out to be one of the best things you can do to change the quality of your life.  And don’t get me wrong.  This isn’t about looking into ‘why’ you are doing something.  It is really about creating the biggest, most expansive ‘why’ to do something that you can imagine.  And then, simply stating it to yourself.

So, what are some of the really expansive intents that you have for being a part of Compumatrix, if you are a member?

I’m actually not very good at this, yet.  But I’ll have a go.  My intent in being a member of Compumatrix is to celebrate the beauty and innocence of each sweet heart in existence.

What’s cool about intents is that you can always upgrade them as you see fit.  It is only a matter of imagining something bigger, more miraculous and amazing, and voicing it into reality.  So, that is my intent until I come across one that feels even better.

Want to have a go?


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