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You Work So You Don’t Have To


Don’t be ridiculous! You work so you don’t have to!

What is really behind this thought? One of the things a potential employer does not want to hear you bring up during a job interview is: “What kind of RETIREMENT BENEFITS do you provide?”

Why don’t they want you to bring this up? The reason is because they are NOT LOOKING FOR RETIREES. They are looking for someone that is motivated today to fill a position for a job component that needs to get done. (Besides, who stays on one job for the duration any more, right?)

So, why would an interviewee ask this question in the first place?

Have you ever heard this one: do what you want (have) to do long enough so you can do what you WANT to do the rest of your life!

This refers directly to RETIREMENT! After all, are you planning to work every day until the day you die? This leads us to why anyone would desire to own their online business. There has to be purpose in everything you do. This is especially applicable to your purpose of owning your online business.


There is a saying: Work Smarter not harder.

“Most” people get involved in an online business because they get “sucked into” the idea of Instant Riches. Most businesses will state something to the contrary (Like: “this is not a get rich quick scheme” ). However, they have the photos and graphics that lead you to believe you can “Get Rich Quick” and you “Don’t Have to Do Anything”.

After the first 2 weeks or 2 months (which ever comes first), you either moved onto something else (and already failed) or you throw up your hands and say: “this stuff doesn’t work”. What part of the word: WORK did you not understand?

Since you still have that Ideal of retiring yesterday, you might as well do some work today!

If you work your online business smarter, maybe, you will realize your true goal. After all, what is the purpose of working anyway?

Work so you don’t have to!




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