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Does Your Online Business Appear as Thrush


Most people haven’t even heard about thrush since it is not a common malady. It almost seems like a disease out of pre-historic times. I first learned of it from horses not even realizing humans get it as well. The humorous part of this is when you hear of a person having thrush, they generally have it in the mouth. Whereas, horses get thrush in their feet.

….and what does this have to do with my online business?

Thrush is a disease that decays living tissue. This is a very simplistic description for your understanding. I understood thrush from horses as a sign that the horse was not being kept very well. Years later, I became a Farrier and I would learn to horrible side of thrush when I would have to shoe horses that were badly affected.

Back to the business of Your Online Business, you probably still can’t see the connections so I will paint a little picture. As a horseman and a Farrier, I know first hand that a horse is worthless if they have no foot. running a parallel to your online business, ask yourself how healthy is my online business?

Is your online business suffering due to decaying situations that are eating away at the heart of your business?


Have you ever thought about having your online business go through a checkup? It may sound off the wall but “off the wall may be what you need to succeed”.

Successful Entrepreneurs are always checking the health of their businesses. They want to know every detail about the products, the marketing and customer relations. They know it takes a long time to develop Brand Awareness and only 10% of that time to destroy it.

Have you ever been in a business where some of the people around you brought that business to its knees? They are what I consider thrush for your online business. They don’t care how it effects everyone else as long as they get what they want. If the business is in their way and to get what they want means others will get hurt, They Simply Do Not Care!

As a Farrier, I know what to do when I see thrush in a horse’s feet. I take out my knife and pare it out. If I have to go too deep, I might have to use iodine to prevent infection.

Do you know what you need to do if you find THRUSH IN YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS?




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