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My Online Business is Like a Song


This is one of those songs that pops in your head. When you get to hear it (anymore) on the radio, you drift back to a time when….

There are special meanings in every song. Some of those meanings are shared between the performer and the audience but mostly, those meanings are an individual experience. No matter how hard a performer wants to move your emotions with their lyrics, that movement is personal to you and you may or may not be on the same wave length as the performer. The success of the performer is not dependent on their ability to convey their pre-conceived meaning but it is dependent on the recipient’s ability to experience their own. In Led Zeplin’s Stairway To Heaven, what is that emotional shift that it brought to you? 

For this writer, it is the purpose of my online business.

The decision to build an online business came into being due to some financial circumstances. We were trying to build a Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program for Emotional Disturbed Youth.  After talking with several business people for donations, the decision to start our own business was at hand.


If you plan to succeed online, the first thing you need to do is develop a belief in yourself. You can’t do anything else if you do not conquer this first. When you have this under task, you can really get started in your online business. My Online Business is a separate component to other things I do online. I have been able to find ways to integrate it into some of the other business ventures that I am working on.

The reason behind this post is to encourage you to tie your business to something that really moves you. The song STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN is so moving and compelling. There is sheer passion in the music and the lyrics that it helps me to find a deeper meaning in what I do. Like the Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program, I find that same passion in my online business. I find that I can serve here as well.




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