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Once in a Blue Moon


It is not your online business that is of question here. What is of question is the success of your online business.

Growing up, I always knew when someone referred to the idea of a Blue Moon, what they were referring to was the Second Full Moon within a month is called a Blue Moon.

Getting away from a dictionary definition, what is the real essence of a Blue Moon? When I hear the term, I visualize myself standing outside in the cold and dark with an image of a Full Moon Rising between the trees and down the valley in the mountains.

It’s always cold- like your online business opportunity. (Did you think I wouldn’t get that in?) Most business opportunities do not produce for most marketers. This is like the dark parts of the month when there isn’t a Full Moon. Where is it that you get to get excited about the idea of Once in a Blue Moon?

If your online business was able to draw a parallel to the idea of Once in a Blue Moon, then would it not lead you to believe you found that once in a life time chance? This is what business is all about. It is trying and failing until you Succeed.


Are you kidding me!!!!

Why do you think you should succeed on your first attempt? When it comes to business, there is the try fail, try succeed method of operations. Other than opening an expensive franchise, I do not belief there is a clear cut formula for success in the World of Business. Compound that with the fact that we are now in the World of E-Commerce with Global Reach capabilities. This means our market is spread across many boundaries such as language, culture, Foreign Countries, etc. With this compounding effect, we not only increase our business exposure but we increase our business risks. With an increase in business risks comes an increase with the probability of failure.

With FAILURE being a given, how do we overcome this obstacle? In the words of Thomas Edison, “I found 10,000 ways the light bulb won’t work”. Did his failures stop him? If you said yes, then how are you reading this? HUH???

We ran across a marketer (in the Network Marketing arena) that stated his road to success was riddled with people that did not want to work with him. If they said no, he quickly shook there hand and vigorously thanked them for turning him down and helping him earn $x (amount of money). With a smile on his face, he excitedly and profusely thanked them to their bewilderment.

Your success lies in your ability to step over your failures and keep on target with your goals. To succeed in the WORLD OF E-COMMERCE is to embrace the idea of ONCE IN A BLUE MOON.




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