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Why I Stopped Blogging (Part 2)


I ventured onto this idea a short time ago. It is now time to revisit it. Although I feel I will never really stop blogging, there has to be reason (in both directions) for my decision(s).

In the first post (Why I Stopped Blogging), I wrote the following:

For those of you that are not sure, go ahead and pinch yourself, this is NOT a Dream! (Maybe a dream come true) THIS IS REAL!

Up to now, my blogging has been my contribution to COMPUMATRIX.

When it is time for me to hit the switch, I will avail myself of ALL OF WHAT COMPUMATRIX HAS TO OFFER.

I have BIG PLANS and they have everything to do with what we will have available here at Compumatrix.

Recently, I haven’t had a blog posted every day. I still have blogs written but it is time for others to step up. (There are still some bloggers that I have not seen blogging here!) There are still only a handful of bloggers doing most of the blogging.

(Did I mention you would probably earn more Compuceeds from members reading your blogs than you will from writing them?)


I was reflecting on my post Why I Stopped Blogging and decided to write this post more as an update. I know we have all been frustrated with how long it has to take to get out the gate. Although I have been on occasion in a negative mood, about 2 years ago, I made a decision to let that experience go. This is when I really embraced Compumatrix. 

I think the previous blog conveys the idea that I want you to step it up and start writing blogs. Although this is not for everyone, everyone has a story to tell. If it takes you a week to write your blog (and maybe have someone proof read it), SO WHAT!

This post, Why I Stopped Blogging (Part 2), is to fill the purpose of moving forward. With Erline’s Novel that she posted today (12.9.2014), I felt inspired to get the troops ready! 

You might say this is a Call to Action Notice! I already mentioned I’m helping a friend with a business launch. I am trying to find a way to incorporate the use of Compuceeds and the Cryptoceed E-Wallet for his business. (If not, c’est la vie! I’m planning a membership site and the only way to pay the monthly subscription would be with Compuceeds.)

Regarding who we are and what we are, I think Erline’s post says it all. Furthermore, Maddy’s words condenses everything that Erline represents for us both for the membership and the Compumatrix staff when she opened her comments thus:

HALE TO THE QUEEN! ERLINE!!!  You are amazing!!

(thank you Erline)




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