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I try to relate anything I can to the purpose of my online business. (When I can’t, I just fake it!) Listening to a song the other day on K-Love Radio, I just kept hearing the words: COME AS YOU ARE. This song talked about being accepted as you are. When I related what I was hearing to the purpose of my online business, I drew a parallel to the acceptance  that is perceived in the online business world.

This is the World of E-Commerce at its best (and sometimes at its worst). In our World, our clients (customers) are are business partners. We are working with people that we very well may never meet in our lifetime. However, this does not mean there is a certain leverage whereas we can negate any of our responsibilities. By doing so, can be real “Internet Marketing Suicide”.

Bad news travels fast, Good news travels slow.

Translate this to mean if you treat people right, they will be with you for a long time. However, it takes a long time to develop that relationship. This is the essence of Relationship MarketingAlso keep in mind the converse of that statement about the bad news. You can destroy in an instance what took you months, years or decades to build by sending bad news out about yourself.


Unless, you just can’t resist the challenge of deceiving someone just for the fun of it, you are probably proud of your reputation. (I can think of several people and one in particular that took pride in “getting over” on other people by taking advantage of them running scams.) Unless you are like one of these people, you would rather crawl in a hole and cry rather than have someone think you are only trying to take advantage of them.


By the term Internet Marketing Suicide, I’m referring to putting yourself in harms way when it comes to getting a bad reputation. We worked with someone once that earned a bad reputation (she didn’t even know) by doing a certain style of marketing (which I won’t mention). She found out when others on a conference call told her: “you’re that one that….” We looked into that style of marketing and it didn’t feel right. It felt under handed! If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it!

While getting back on track with the concept of Come as you are, it is important to realize the level of satisfaction that is gained from the aspect of doing what you want to do.

This is the essence of the Internet World and the World of E-Commerce. 




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