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Still Procrastinating? This May Help…

Well…here we are again! After a full month of personifying the very definition of my subject, procrastination, I am back. The time has not been entirely wasted, however. I am pleased to report that I discovered something quite remarkable, and potentially very valuable for you and your business.

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In the last post, we discussed how Newton’s first law of motion, or law of inertia, in basic terms, requires an unbalanced force to create instant change in the flow of energies. This idea gave some readers food for thought as to what THEIR personal “unbalanced force” might be when the time came to create some forward motion and momentum in their business.

For most, the process of moving forward after a period of inactivity in their business, is fuelled by a great sense of “need”. The list of individual needs can be one single thing – needing to pay for an upcoming mortage instalment, for instance; while for others, the list could be as long as their arm, including medical bills and helping loved ones.

While all humans have survival needs, it really is not the best motivator for building impetus to just DO what is required to create a successful business. Quite frankly, the feeling of desperately needing something leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth, along with a sense of depression.

Why do I say that “need” is not what will ultimately provide the most potent “unbalanced force”? Because it is on the “dark side” of the coin, so to speak. It is utilizing negativity to literally PROD you forward because some inner nagging voice says if YOU don’t do this, then your world – including the intertwining lives of loved ones – will fall apart. Guilt…now that is pressure! Almost without a doubt, this pervading sense of heavy responsibility will wear you down, and ultimately manifest in the form of some sort of illness.

Then where will you be? This is a recipe for taking one tiny step forward, and two giant steps back. Now, I am not referencing the requirement of doing daily tasks to keep your business afloat here. After all, with the proper motivation, those jobs will become part of your joy…but they should never be underlined with that shadowy feeling of desperation.

This is when the other face of that coin comes into play, and we touched on that in the past article. This is all about personal PASSION, really. To even begin a business, you need to have a certain level of passion for the product or service you plan to provide. All successful people LOVE what they do.

I have had ample time to reflect on this subject in the previous weeks. I have seen it play out in my own life. I have watched as one distraction after another seemingly dropped into my life, almost literally draining away all my motivation, inspiration and energy. During that time, there were not a lot of those qualities left to invest into my business and career.

So when I say that there was only one thing that kept me coming back, I mean it took me a lot of soul-searching to come to see it with utter clarity.

I simply kept asking myself, “Why? Why do I WANT this?” Every time I found myself flagging, or feeling drained or lacking in motivation, I would ask myself that same, simple question. It makes an excellent initial focal point. From there, the deeper answers will come, and they do make themselves known.

I hope you noticed that I used the word WANT instead of need. The word want is connected to passion – the positive, lighter side of the same coin. The very simple switch on words will instantly shift the mindset, forcing you into your heart where your personal passion lies. There, you will find many answers that you thought you had buried, or you had deliberately suppressed in favor of what you felt “society” or “well-meaning family and friends” thought you should do.

There you will find the friendlier, more relaxed you…the one who has ALL the energy and motivation in the world – more than you could ever need! That is the wellspring from which all great things and situations are created, and I can tell you that even if you had forgotten why you started your business…you will find new and exciting ways to work with it.

This, then, is the “unbalanced force” that I have decided to work with in my own life. I propose that it is the one that will work for you, too. You may still feel that you have “needs” that spur you onward day by day. I say that we have ALL been there, and that most of us can attest to how even those needs are not enough to keep any of us going long-term.

So, to keep that flow going, to keep that passion for doing daily tasks regularly, and to build that bottomless well of sustaining energy, I suggest that there is a simple way to bring the focus back to what matters, every single time. Just keep asking yourself that simple question, and allow yourself to REALLY listen to your heart – that part of you that knows you better than anyone else.

It will always steer you in the right direction. It will always be your best friend, your brightest teacher and your strongest ally in your business, and in your life.


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