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Dream big!

It’s been many years since I did any major dreaming. These days, it seems like I’ve gotten to where just getting home, fed and into bed is plenty to consider. But truly, dreaming is where life is leading us.

I wrote that, and then looked back to see that it meant more than I realized. Dreaming is our leading. We need only follow.

Yes, of course there is a step by step process needed.  One thing that can be useful is to write down some of your dreams.  Date it.  That way you can look back and see which things have happened.  Don’t think of it as goals.  More, simply a fun list of things that you are going to do at some point on this wild journey of life.

Compumatrix members have been asked to consider writing a business plan. In working on that, you might discover that you are really setting a course of adventure for your soul!  Let it be a delight to be alive, for a change.

What are your biggest dreams?  Do you have a project you’ve always wanted to do?  A place you’d like to visit or to live?  A talent you’d like to develop?

What if all the Universe/God/Source/Life wants most is to give us all the dreams we wish for? We simply need to become the people that feel we are worthy to receive them.

And even that is taken care of for us! That is life’s job description–to ensure that we are ready to receive all that life wants to offer us, at the very moment when it is presented.

Dreaming is more fun, these days, than it used to be, too!  With the internet, we can explore the world, watch videos of people doing what we’d like to be doing, even create an itinerary for a dream vacation, without having to spend any money.

If there is something that will ignite your passion, something that will energize you and change your life, it is dreaming.  When we dream, we give ourselves a rush of the kind of feelings that our souls love the most.

So, dreaming is really all you need to do! The rest falls into place, with your participation.  Dream away, sweet ones! You deserve all the world has to offer. What is it that makes you light up?


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